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    AMB Messe Stuttgard, one of the biggest industry trade fairs worldwide for metalworking technology, will take place from 13 to 17 of September 2016 at Stuttgard (Germany).
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  • EMO 2017, the major metalworking world event
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DEGstm GmbH is a trading сompany created by joint efforts of DEG (Russia), STM (STEIN-MOSER GmbH, Austria) and MaximatorJet GmbH (Germany). DEGstm activity is shipment of fine metalworking machinery with optimal price-quality ratio to the European market. The company’s strategic goal is to position itself as a primary dealer of first-class metalworking equipment in Europe.


Our company specializes in delivery of metalworking machines of the following types:
Cutting machines
(laser, plasma, waterjet & EDM cutting)
DEG Group of Companies offers its clients the most advanced and top-quality pattern cutting machines from top manufacturers with established reputation on the metalworking global market:
  • Plasma cutting machines produced by MGM (Czech Republic);
  • Laser cutting machines produced by Balliu (Belgium) and Adira (Portugal);
  • Waterjet cutting machines produced by STM (Austria) and Maximator Jet (Germany);
  • 3D profile cutting and automated welding CNC machines produced by Mueller Opladen (Germany);
  • Robotic systems produced by KUKA (Germany).
It should be noted that each pattern cutting technology has certain advantages and disadvantages, and while choosing the right machine one needs to bear in mind the particular production task and its specifics: the worked material, its structure, sheet thickness, necessary cutting speed (in terms of cost efficiency), cutting accuracy, edge quality, etc.
Milling machines
DEG Group of Companies offers a wide choice of CNC milling machines produced by leading manufacturers of metalworking machinery:
  • Vertical milling centers produced by Akira-Seiki (Taiwan), DMC (South Korea) and STAMA (Germany);
  • Horizontal milling centers produced by Akira-Seiki (Taiwan) and KIWA (Japan);
  • 5-axis milling centers produced by Akira-Seiki (Taiwan);
  • Bridge-type milling machines produced by Four Star (Taiwan).
Sheet-processing machines
Sheet-processing machinery is a large group of machine tools designed for diverse processing of sheet metal (such operations as bending, cutting, folding and so on.). DEG Group of Companies offers its customers the following types of sheet processing machines made by leading manufacturers:
  • Plate bending machines produced by MG (Italy);
  • Press brakes produced by Adira (Portugal), Jordi (Spain) and Aliko (Finnland);
  • Guillotine shears produced by Adira (Portugal) and Jordi (Spain);
  • Presses: hydraulic, eccentric, rack-and-gear;
  • Punch presses.
Grinding machines
DEG Group of Companies offers a wide range of grinding equipment, from desktop rought grinding machines to rotary grinders for crankshaft grinding:
  • Centerless grinding machines produced by JAGURA (Taiwan);
  • Gear grinding machine produced by Luren (Taiwan);
  • Worm thread grinding machines produced by Luren (Taiwan);
  • Sharpening machines produced by Luren (Taiwan);
  • Rotary grinders;
  • Surface grinders;
  • Internal grinders.
Galvanic machinery
The quality of the shipped equipment and the high level of proficiency of DEG specialists in implementation of industrial machinery have been highly acknowledged by the Company’s clients.
DEG Group of Companies offers its clients the following CNC lathes produced by leading manufacturers of metalworking machinery:
  • Vertical turning centers produced by Honor Seiki (Taiwan) and DMC (South Korea);
  • Swiss turning machines produced by Nexturn (Korea);
  • Turning and milling centers produced by DMC (South Korea) and Takisawa (Taiwan);
  • Heavy duty lathes produced by GORATU (Spain).
Bending machines
Bending machinery is one of the priorities of DEG Group of Companies, so we can offer a wide range of bending machines:
  • Tube bending machines produced by Crippa (Italy);
  • Hydraulic mandrel tube bending machines produced by AMOB (Portugal);
  • Electric mandrel tube bending machines produced by AMOB (Portugal);
  • Roll-forming machines produced by MG (Italy) and AMOB (Portugal);
  • Wire bending machines produced by AIM (USA).
Electrical discharge machines (EDM)
DEG Group of Companies offers a range of electrical discharge machines consisting of die sinker and wirecut machines:
  • Die sinker EDM produced by Chmer (Taiwan);
  • Wirecut EDM produced by Chmer (Taiwan).
Drilling machines
DEG Group of Companies offers its clients a wide choice of drilling machines:
  • Drilling and milling machines produced by Denver (Taiwan);
  • Deep drilling machines produced by Tibo (Germany);
  • Horizontal boring machines;
  • Radial drilling machines;
  • Upright drilling machines.

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